Thursday, April 29

Dreaming about meeting Yoona on a green tea field? Dream no more!

Dying to meet Yoona from SNSD? Well 50 lucky fans in S.Korea now have a chance to do so.

In order to qualify for this special fan meeting session, fans will need to obtain a scratch card by May 5th, which is only avaliable in the INNISFREE product called ‘The Green Tree Seed Serum’.  The contest is only open to those living in South Korea.
Application forms for the contest is at the My Green Tea Tour homepage at

Fans will be able to follow Yoona to Jeju island to visit the green fields, a personal meet-and-greet, a special INNISFREE beauty class and 1,111 of the scratch card participants will receive free beauty products. Sounds like a perfect vacation getaway for me.

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