Thursday, April 29

E.via’s comeback comes under fire

Earlier today, female rapper E.via released her comeback mini-album Must Have and the music video for her title track Shake. It’s now been announced that the track is under fire for being “too erotic”.

On the upside, when E.via’s music video was released, she shot up to #1 so fast that it broke After School’s record for when they released Bang!. But unfortunately, netizens have shown disapproval for the sexy women and booty shaking.

A representative commented, “We didn’t think the public would have a problem with a fast paced club song themed music video. We are in the process of making a new version with no eroticism involved.”
The rep may say that but filming a non-sexual music video with a song that literally tells you to shake your butt is going to be difficult. But seeing as how she has been dubbed “the female Outsider” and is the fastest female rapper in all of Korea at 160 BPM; they just might be able to pull it off.

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