Wednesday, April 28

May J. Live tour 2010 ワンマンツアー決定!

May J. getting ready for her Her First Japan-Wide Tour!

Born in 1988 on June 20th, 21-year-old May J. has released her 3rd album [for you] on February 17th. Now she will be heading towards her first one-man tour [musicpool presents May J. Tour 2010 〜LIVE for you〜] starting in May.

May J.'s 2nd album [FAMILY] had sold 140.000 copies and been downloaded by a record number of 1.5 Million times. With this past success, the coming tour is certain to stir some excitement as well and leads to high expectations towards her.

This time's album is especially directed towards people of May J.'s generation, whereas the lyrics are reflecting the complex feelings of young women. It is also an album which should make the people, who listen to it, happy when doing so.

Let's see, what kind of impact this album will be having in this country.

The live schedule for her up coming tour is stated below.

Since the tickets for the 5 locations all over Japan are close to being SOLD OUT everyone interested should hurry to get them!

[musicpool presents May J. Tour 2010 〜LIVE for you〜]

5/9 Sendai darwin

5/14 Fukuoka DRUM Be-1

5/16 Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO



Also, in March May J. will be taking part in the [GO!FES] event held at Makuhari Messe Hall, which is definitely worth a check!

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