Thursday, April 29

[Scandal] f(x)’s Amber caught in a gender controversy?

f(x)’s well known tomboy Amber has been caught in a gender controversy between the netizens these days.
In a recent photoshoot, she looked so much like a boy that people are once again second guessing her gender. In the photoshoot for K-Swiss, the members paired up in front of the camera. Amber expectedly dressed in masculine-styled clothing for the shoot. The photoshoot rep revealed, “Amber wore boys’ clothes and posed as the man with the members.”

She always dons an androgynous style so the style itself wasn’t shocking; however, this specific shoot has people raving about the idol’s masculine looks.

It seems like Amber portrayed her role perfectly – maybe a little too perfectly for some. What do you think?

Credited to: heartfacee
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