Sunday, May 2

2AM gets nervous in front of the Wonder Girls?

On May 2nd, the newest episode of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate aired with 2AM as its guest.

On the show, the boys were asked whether or not they’ve ever felt flustered for a girl idol. Seulong answered, “Recently, I felt smitten about the Wonder Girls.“

Kim Jung Eun asked, “But haven’t you always been close to them?”
Her question makes sense since both groups originated from JYP Entertainment and they had been trainees together in the past.

Seulong explained, “Since they went to the States for their American debut, I hardly saw them and only met them recently.

I was watching them practice and they have changed a lot. I think they are now very influenced by America and I felt a foreign feeling from them.”

Jinwoon gave a reply that was probably known to many from watching We Got Married, “Once, I saw SNSD’s Seohyun and got so nervous. I ran the other way.”

I guess you could call the Wonder Girls Korean-Americans from what Seulong is saying about them.

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