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BlueBrand teases upcoming MV featuring Shin Se Kyung

Hip Hop project group, BlueBrand, will be coming back with their second album very shortly. They are famous for hit songs like MC Mong’s Simple Love, Kim Jin Pyo’s Way to Coolly Separate, and many more.

BlueBrand is the project album of a famous hip hop producer, Kim Gun Woo. He has been MC Mong’s producer from his 1st to his 4th album. You may recognize their previous works, like I Love You Oh Thank You and Circus, among others.

MC Mong, Jea, Miryo, Kim Jin Pyo, K.Will, MC Sniper, Byul, Supreme Team, and other top hip hop and R&B artists gathered to create the ultimate 2nd album.

On May 4th, BlueBrand released their album teaser, and it features Korea’s sweetheart, Shin Se Kyung.

Producer Kim Gun Woo asked a friend to give the 2nd album’s demo song to Shin Se Kyung and request her appearance in the music video. Shin Se Kyung replied, “The song is so good. I would like to be in the music video.”

In this teaser, you can see Shin Se Kyung’s emotional expressions and tears that earned her the nickname, “Queen of Tears.”
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