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Everland Caribbean Bay Promo Picture and Info!

Caribbean Bay is part of Everland theme park. Here, not only can you enjoy swimming and water amusement rides, but you can also relax in hot spring waters all year round.

 The water park has various facilities, such as the indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, a sauna, a wave pool, and slides like the Water Bobsleigh. The water park is a favorite family destination. Caribbean Bay Water Park has been designed with a Caribbean theme, and it is the largest water park in the world. One of the most popular attractions in the water park is the Wave Pool where you can experience strong waves similar to those of the Caribbean Sea. The park’s cutting-edge computer system creates waves of up to 2.4m.


* Caribbean Bay Spa

Caribbean Bay Spa contains various hot spring pools and sauna facilities. The Jasmine Tea Spa is believed to make women more beautiful, the Lemon Spa relieves fatigue, and the Jade-crusted sauna is also beneficial for your health. With the Caribbean Bay pass, you can use all these facilities.

- The health benefits of the Jasmine tea spa

The Jasmine Tea Spa relieves nervous tension, stress, and depression. Jasmine tea balances hormones, so the spa can alleviate menstrual pain, create a regular menstrual cycle, and improve fertility. It also reduces aches and coughs, and is great for dry, irritated skin.

- The health benefits of the mineral-rich hot spring water

It is beneficial for women’s beauty, dry skin, reducing fatigue, aching muscles, and insomnia.

- The health benefits of the Jade-crusted sauna

It relieves fatigue and improves blood circulation.

- The health benefits of the Lemon spa

It is great for anti-aging and helps to release toxins from the body

* Miracle Spa: contains a salt sauna and a couple’s footbath

- The footbath in the Miracle Spa has been specially designed for a couple. The bubble footbath is very relaxing, and it makes for a romantic date.

- In the salt-laden sauna, you can rub salt on your body and then sweat in the high temperatures. This expels toxins from the body. The salt-laden sauna is good for dry skin and is also beneficial for insomnia, neuralgia, lumbago, and stomach-related problems.

* Kid’s Pool & Running Water Pool

The Kid’s Pool is shallow and has been specially designed to ensure child safety. Its design is pastel-colored and inspired by children’s books. There are various water toys available so children can have fun in the water. The infants’ pool is even shallower, so parents can introduce their babies to water in a comfortable environment. Although the pool is very shallow for adults, it is a perfect place for parents and kids to have fun together.

You can float lazily along the running water pool, which has the ambience of the Caribbean during the 17th century. You can have a relaxing time floating past waterfalls and stone bridges.

*Relax Room and Sleeping Room: Take a nap here if you’re tired out after all that fun in the water.

- Relax Room has massage machines and “relax capsules” for adults. Visitors can also receive an aromatherapy massage.

- In the sleeping room, there are about 50 beach chairs and 10 jade beds. Temperatures in the room remain warm and air purifiers provide clean oxygen, so this is the perfect place for a good sleep. Visitors can rent a large-sized towel here.

Activity Dates

* Low season: Jan. 1 - Mar.15 / May. 1 - 31, Oct. 5 - Dec. 31

* Middle season: Jun. 1 - 19, Sep. 7 - Oct. 4

* High season: Jun. 20 - Jul. 10, Aug. 24 - Sep. 6

* Golden season - Jul. 11 - Aug. 23

Operating Hours

Weekdays - 10:00~17:00

Weekends & Holidays - 09:30~19:00

(every last weekdays 09:30~18:00, weekends 09:00~19:00)

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