Thursday, May 6

Ex-After School member Soyoung enters a new company

Last October, former After School member Soyoung was making headlines left and right when she announced her official withdrawal from the sexy girl group.

Though she has remained out of the spotlight since her departure from the group, Soyoung has finally come out in the open about her plans to resume her singing career under a new entertainment company. A representative from her new company Professional Entertainment stated, “Once plans of Soyoung’s return to the entertainment scene are set in stone, we will release an official statement.”

This must be very exciting for kpop fans! I bet her former groupmates are very happy for Soyoung these days and will be supporting her future career. Rumors are flying about that she will work double time as a ballad singer and an actress, but until that official statement is released, who knows?

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