Wednesday, May 26

f(x)’s Victoria joins Invincible Youth

With the departure of SNSD’s Yuri and Sunny together with 4minute’s Hyuna, the production team of Invincible Youth have been auditioning among existing girl group members for replacements and a name has now been revealed!

There have been much fervent speculation among netizens after it was revealed that some girls would be leaving Invincible Youth and they got it right with Yuri and Sunny.

Then they speculated that f(x) members would step in and they are again right, with Victoria revealed as a replacement on the 25th by KBS as they revealed, “Victoria will join as a new member, we are now coordinating the schedules.”

But PD Kim Ho Sang has once again played down the reports and remained cautious, “Nothing is confirmed officially. We will have our first recording with the new members next week and everything will be revealed.”

Looks like only a matter of time but it looks like Victoria is in.

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