Monday, May 10

Gummy performs As A Man in her showcase

Just recently, Gummy held a live session showcase for her newest album Loveless. During this showcase, she performed tracks from the album and wowed her fans, myself included.
Though I do feel that As A Man isn’t anything new, it is a catchy song. Each time I listen to it, the more it gets stuck in my head. The live version of it definitely helped make the song even better. Gummy keeps it calm until the end when she breaks out by belting some of the high notes of the song.

She even gets her dance on for As A Man by bumping and swaying to the song’s tunes with a simple choreography. The performance makes it clear that the song is perfect for her because it’s has a mainstream K-pop feel yet carries Gummy’s old styles.

As A Man:

There Is No Love:

Because of You:

What Do I Do?:

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