Monday, May 24

HaHa to SNSD Jessica, “Let’s go for a cup of coffee”

Singer HaHa reveals his interests for girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica.

HaHa was guest appearance recently on KBS 2TV pilot program ‘Happy Birthday’ when he said, “Appearing on a program which talks about marriage and childcare, what can I do?” displaying his unhappiness.

But amidst the filming, Jessica’s appearance had his face lit up. HaHa said to Jessica, “There is nothing I can say here, let’s go have a cup of coffee,” revealing his dash towards Jessica opening, which roused laughter from those present at the filming.

Other than that, when asked about the recent news of his breakup with broadcaster Ahn HyeKyung, HaHa said, “Now I feel like getting married and having my own children.”

Meanwhile, the show is set to air on 24th May at 11.05pm.

Credits to Sookyeong @ K Bites
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