Wednesday, May 12

Han Ga In to debut as a singer?

On May 12th, a video of actress Han Ga In singing alongsideClazziquai’s Horan and Winterplay’s Haewon surfaced on the internet. She can be seen in comfortable casual wear, concentrating on her singing.

The video has been spreading and multiplying rapidly through various mini-hompi’s and blogs.
Many netizens commented on the video with compliments like, “Her pure singing is so pretty” and “Her clear voice and bright melody match well.” They also asked, “Did Han Ga In, Horan and Haewon form a project group?”
However, the answer to that question is, no. Han Ga In is the current model for Samsung Hauzen Bubble, and this song is actually the new CM song. Han Ga In, Horan and Haewon met during Han Ga In’s Bubble Party, which took place on the 11th. They reunited for this CM song with the name Bubble Beautiful Trio. The CM song is currently being called the Bubble Song.
A staff member from the recording said, “At first, Han Ga In was embarrassed to sing in front of singers, but Horan and Haewon took the roles as teachers, and they ended up recording in a comfortable atmosphere.”
Also, the end of the video hints that there will be a Bubble Song 2, which the netizens are already excited about!

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