Friday, May 14

Hong Soo Ah shows her sexy belly for Ali’s Hey Mr. MV teaser

Singer Ali’s teaser for her new MV Hey Mr. is gaining a lot of attention from music fans.

The teaser boasts Ali’s 180 degrees transformation in music tastes with an electronic sound rhythm and a sexy performance dance by actress Hong Soo Ah where she shows off her awesome body line and we definitely can’t wait to see the full MV after this!

Ali’s representatives commented, “Ali, who has a wide spectrum in her singing skills with her voice, will depict a new electronic dance song called Hey Mr. which mixes a variety of disco like beats to once again show her powerful vocals.”

He continued, “Actress Hong Soo Ah already had relations to Ali and agreed to appear in her new music video. The actress showed a passion to successfully depict a sexy image concept apart from her usual cute and bright personality.”

Additionally, it is said that Ali’s music video will be made in 3D. Meanwhile, the full MV is planned to be released on the 18th and appear on online charts starting from the 24th, where Ali would begin official promotional activities.

View the teaser for Ali’s Hey Mr. MV below and let us know what you guys think.

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