Thursday, May 20

Hot Carribean Bay Full MV released!

The wait is finally over! After much teasing in the last Carribean Bay CF trailer (featuring SNSD and 2PM), the highly-anticipated promotion Music Video has been offically released!

Well, let the trailer tease/speak for itself.

Oh Cabi Cabi~ The hottest... Oh crazy crazy~ C-A-B-I, It's driving me crazy!

Wow? Did the changing room just got 200 degrees hotter? Well, the full MV is about to turn it up a notch higher!

In this music video, a group young passionate individuals sweat it out at the Carribean bay water theme park in the "Who will be the hottest Cabi" contest. And if all the actions are not enough, SNSD's Yoona get together with 2PM's Taceyeon for a little romance by the pool! Not forgetting the hot couple scenes between SNSD Yuri and 2PM’s NichkhunSnsd's makane Seohyun and 2PM's Chansung clubbing scenes!

After watching the MV, I'm ready to take a dip in the Carribean Bay's pool and have some fun myself!

It seems that the couple scene between SNSD Yuri and 2PM’s Nichkhun for their Caribbean Bay CF has aroused the public interest, such as the scene where Nichklun put on the body oil for Yuri.

Netizens commented, “Those two are still young, is it alright for them to film such scenes?” and “It’s enough to just show healthy and bright images of themselves, why do they need to film such weird ‘hot’ scenes together like that. It’s so naughty that it doesn’t feek like a Caribbean Bay CF at all.”

In contrast, other fans have commented positively regarding the CF, saying things like, “Who cares if both of their bodies are good,” and “Yuri is pretty and Nichkhun is cool so what is the problem.”

What are your opinions of this MV? Share with us!

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