Thursday, May 6

Wonder Girls’ Sohee is still Heechul’s #1

Super Junior’s lovably eccentric member Heechul might have shown his awkward fetish for cat butts recently, but he definitely appeased the worry that some fans held regarding his sanity with another recent photo during another one of his DJ sessions.

SNSD’s YoonA was a recent guest on Heechul’s radio show, but rather than being fawned over by her fellow SM family member, she received the cold shoulder. Heechul’s interests remained fixated upon a cardboard cutout of Wonder Girls member Sohee doing her famous “omona!” pose from the top girl quintet’s Tell Me days.

Meanwhile, Epik High member Mithra Jin shyly turned away from YoonA, not-so-subtly exposing his inner fanboy self.

It’s been a while since the Wonder Girls have been in Korea, so it’s pretty surprising that Heechul still faithfully holds Sohee so near and dear to his heart. He must be preparing himself emotionally for the upcoming episode of Family Outing 2 with the Wonder Girls… talk about a dream come true!
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