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Invincible Youth to welcome new members in June

Yuri, Sunny, Narsha, Hyomin, Sunhwa, Hara and Hyuna. They are part of the famous G7 on Invincible Youth but in the coming weeks, some of them will be leaving the show.

Invincible Youth has been achieving steady ratings since debuting last year but PD Kim Ho Sang is looking to shake things up as part of the spring reorganization. He revealed on the 10th that the new changes will be effected around late May or early June. While the finalized list is yet to be determined, at least 1 – 2 members are expected to be replaced. MCs will remain intact.
PD Kim also added that they would be looking to recruit members whose schedules won’t be in too much of a conflict with the filming of Invincible Youth.
The show’s self farming concept won’t be changed much either although member dynamics will be affected with the addition of new members.
Given the present scenario, we can probably guess who are the ones that might be leaving. It will be really sad to see any of the original members leave though.
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