Sunday, May 16

Lee Hyori get's parodied to the extremes

Lee Hyori has been a source for parody from variety of comedian's on variety shows all for the sake of laughs, but look's like another extreme parody is coming up called "underground parody".

A photo has been released recently on online communities such as DC Inside and various bulletin boards showing a photo of Lee Hyori being "Parodied" by a woman.

It showed Lee Hyori doing her choreography for chitty chitty bang bang holding a handle on a subway and a woman beside her mimicking her causing much laughter from viewers.

This seemed to be photoshopped and netizens found it quite amusing because of its interesting pose, it has been spreading like wildfire in the internet and netizens gave it a nickname of "Subway Hyori"

Although there were some netizens who found this joke a little too much, there were also founds who found the picture amusing and HOT.

Meanwhile, Comedian Lee Hyo Sung also did a parody of Lee Hyori's song Chitty chitty bang bang as well as the album cover and the title, instead of "H-Logic" she changed it with "P-Logic". The parody will be revealed in "Happy Together Season 3".


Source: Newsen

Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

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