Thursday, May 6

Legendary Band Sads Returned with a Live Performance at Nippon Budokan!

On May 1st, Kiyoharu's legendary rock band Sads returned to their activities with a performance at Nippon Budokan, with a total of 7000 people charmed again after 7 years.

It is said that the event had been triggered by the death of a good friend of Kiyoharu, who was a music editor known as Tojo Masato.The members of Sads are, among Kiyoharu as their vocalist, K-A-Z on guitar, Kubota Keisuke on Bass and GO on drums. "I had been looking forward to this so much. I think the music is still causing me some head aches as of now, however, we will be starting out from here!" And at these words Nippon Budokan sank into a roar of excitement, which could crush the venue among the flashing lights.

Sharp sound filled the hall until the very last bit of the performance, with the last words on the further evolution of Kiyoharu and Sads.

"In July or August we are going to do a short tour. It will be really short...We are grateful towards everyone, who came to our first performance! Please keep on thinking that you were shown a new great Japanese band."

In 2010, which has already been marked by Sads, there will also be a new album released on July 7th, to look forward to!

What are your thoughts on this outstanding come back?

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