Saturday, May 22

More Pictures feeds from Seoul World Cup Stadium!

This evening, Kpop fans in Seoul has something to cheer about. The Epic Dream Concert is finally here! With more than twenty of the Korea's popular Artists perfoming on one stage in front of a 40,000 crowd. it's small wonder why fans will queue up hours before the event in the rain.

Fans in coloured raincoat waiting to get into the stadium.

Fan's showing her support for her missing idols!

Unfortunately, it was noted that there are some absentees this year. popular groups such as TVXQ, YG family. 2AM, etc was unable to make it for this year dream's concert for various reason.

Now check out the red carpet photos of our beloved K-group idols below!





2PM, missing Junsu as he takes a break with his knee injury.


T-ara, missing Eunjung who is busy with drama filming.

After School, missing UEE who misses out because of drama filming.



Super Junior, missing Hankyung, Kibum and Kangin for various reasons. Heechul is missing probably because he has to prepare for his hosting duty as the MC.

The 2010 Dream Concert will be shown on SBS, replacing Inkigayo on May 23rd.

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