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More Taeyeon's Musical 'Midnight sun" photo released!

More photos from the Musical "Midnight Sun," staring Taeyeon from SNSD, has been released on Check it out here! Find out more about the musical inside.

What is it about: Musical "Midnight Sun," which has received much hype after news broke that female idol group member Taeyeon has been cast to play the main character, is based on a Japanese novel from 2006 of the same name.

The film version of the novel starring Japanese artist and singer Yui and the drama adaptation with Erika Sawajiri was received well not only in its home country but in Korea as well. The musical will run from May 7 to 29 at the M Theater of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul, South Korea.

Cast: Taeyeon·Hong Eun-joo (as Kaoru), Koh Joon-shik·Jung Sun-young (as Koji), Lee Kyung-joon·Park Bong-jin (as dad)

SHOWING DATE: May 7 to 29, 2010 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

STORY: Kaoru (played by Taeyeon) suffers from a rare disease called xeroderma pigmentosum which dries up her skin and contracts her muscles when exposed to strong ultraviolet rays of sunlight, yet she ironically lives on a small beach called 'The Village of the Sun.'

The people of the village enjoy the summers, making a living off tourists who visit to surf during the high season but Kaoru sleeps while everyone lives such a life and instead wakes up at night and sings when everyone is in bed. The sole reason she can bear living a lonely life is because of singing and Koji (played by Koh Joon-shik) whom she has admired for a long time. Kaoru lives each day to the fullest although she cannot see the beautiful sunrise nor check the surfing skills of the man she so loves.

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