Wednesday, May 26

Nathalie Makoma's ENGLISH "Tell me your wish (Genie)"

The runner-up for Dutch Idol 4 signed, Nathalie Makoma, has recently released the song "I just wanna dance". Ring any bell? 

Girls' Generation: Tell me your wish (Genie)!

The song "I just wanna dance" is an english version of the popular girls generation (SNSD)'s hit song, "Tell me your wish, Genie!"

Nathalie Makoma - I Just Wanna Dance

Notice the similarity? The song is 100% legit! Sony Entertainment, the company which Natalie has signed under with, has bought the song over from the composer. I'm loving the new song "I just wanna Dance" so far! There is also a fan-remixed edition of SNSD's Genie MV with Nathalie's "I just wanna dance", check it out below!

Remixed version of SNSD GENIE! MV

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