Thursday, May 6

Rain’s lucrative endorsement deals for 2010

Earlier today we reported about Rain’s lucrative 6 month endorsement deal with SK Telecom for around $500,000 (US). Well it seems this was only the tip of the iceberg for Rain as Star News recently reported Rain’s numerous lucrative deals for 2010.

Besides the SK Telecom deal, Rain has signed a 6 month 660,000,000₩ (around $600,000) deal with Samsung Life Insurance. Rain signed a 1 year 1,050,000,000₩ deal (around $1,000,000) with Chinese 치밍데인터내셔널 Zhimingde International and inked another 1 year 1,100,000,000₩ deal (around $1,000,000) with 니콘이미 징코리아 Nikon Imaging Korea.
With all these deals, Rain has cemented his position as a blue chip endorser.
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