Saturday, May 22

SNSD MC Duo to leave music core?

Does all good things have to come to an end? Well not for long.

There have been speculations recently after the news that some of the SNSD members are pulling out from their respective post, ie. Taeyeon leaving Chin Chin radio show, Sunny and Yuri going off from invincible youth... And then, Yoona is leaving Family Outing 2, Taeyeon on Win Win. What about Yuri and Tiffany from their Music Core MC post?

Towards the end of the Music Core episode today, Tiffany and Yuri has made an announcement that they would be absent temporarily from Music Core for the next 3 weeks. Tthey also assured them that a special guest will fill in their spots.

From what we know, SNSD will be busy with their overseas promotions and indeed it's a relief to know that Yuri and Tiffany will not be leaving Music Core permanently.

So three weeks! We will be counting down until their return to MC.

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