Monday, May 10

SNSD releases MV to encourage voting

SNSD released a song and a music video to encourage the voting which will take place on June 2nd.

MBC revealed the voting song Lalala and its music video on May 10th. The SNSD members are seen wearing white shirts and blue jeans, encouraging Korean citizens to vote. The motivating lyrics are, “There’s something I must do now and not later. I just have to throw away the concept, ‘I’m just one person’ to live in a better world.’”

Lalala is sampled off of the familiar Christmas carol song, Deck the Halls. Lee Jae Myung, who made SNSD’s Kissing You wrote the lyrics.

A representative of MBC said, “Barely 50% of people vote for local elections. The Central Election Commission asked the broadcasting company to ‘encourage voting through various promotions.’ We decided to make the song to serve our duty as a public broadcasting company.”
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