Monday, May 10

Special Shibasaki Kou Program at WOWOW for 8 Hours Straight in June!!

Just recently, Shibasaki Kou finished her nationwide tour "Kou Shibasaki Live Tour 2010 - Love Para-" at the Shibuya NHK Hall. For Shibasaki, it had been one of her biggest Japan tours since she stopped at 10 cities all over Japan.

"Certainly, the power of the very last day was extreme. It was getting very intense", Shibasaki said. On the view at each venue she commented with a laugh: "Fukuoka had an orange color, Hiroshima was yellow and Tokyo was kind of...maybe iridescent?"

Moreover, on April 14th, she had been releasing her new song "Honto Dayo" on which she commented: "When I went to a live of Oda Kazumasa-san, I asked to have a song written and this is the song, which was eventually realized. All my depth has been put into this and it is a song which connects me to my fans as well."

About the live, Shibasaki will reveal various things at the "WOWOW" program on June 17th. Among a live performance the program will also include earlier movies of Shibasaki, which include "Yogisha X no Kenshin", "Kencho no Hoshi" and "Maiko Haaaan!!!" adding up to an 8 hour program in total.

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