Monday, May 10

Sunny and Tiffany perform Bo Peep Bo Peep

SNSD’s Sunny and Tiffany recently participated as guests for the tv program, 1000 Songs Challenge.

The girls showed good teamwork as Tiffany sang the ballads while Sunny sang the more upbeat ones.
Their performance for T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep stood out the most as its a fellow girl idol group’s song and they even had the cute animal paws on. Sunny sang most of the song while Tiffany pitched in and helped during some parts.
It seems like Sunny ran out of breath while singing, but I don’t blame her, because the song is quite fast-paced, which might be difficult for one girl to handle.
But Sunny rocked the dance moves for Bo Peep Bo Peep, as she went all out with them, whereas Tiffany came off a little shy to perform someone else’s song.
Seems like Sunny has been getting some dance lessons from her Invincible Youth partner, Hyomin! Check out the Bo Peep Bo Peep performance below.
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