Monday, May 10

Watch the Wonder Girls, Kara & more perform at the Korean Music Festival in HD!

Okay, we know you’re probably all KMF-d out after our intensive coverage of Los Angeles’ Korean Music Festival over the past week, but we’re not quite done yet! We’ve provided high-definition photos for you all, so what better way to complement those shots than with a set of HD videos for your viewing pleasure as well?

Even though we’re all more than familiar with each of these performances, there’s something about about them that makes us watch them over & over again, whether it be on music shows or through fancams. After all, that’s why all of these tracks are such big hits, right? Without further ado, we hope you enjoy the clips below!

Joo Hyun Mi, Sunye, Yeeun, Gyuri & Seungyeon:

Kara: Lupin

Kara: Honey

Kara: Mister

Wonder Girls: So hot

Wonder girls: Tell me

Wonder Girls: Nobody

Finale (Wonder Girls, Kara, 2PM & BEAST):

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