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Who's leaving Invincible youth soon?

There have been speculations floating around the the cyberworld that one or two of the G7 members would be leaving Invinicble youth by the end of June.

According to the Invincible Youth PD Kim HoSang, one or two of the G7 members will be leaving the program near the end of June.

SNSD’s Sunny and Yuri are on the toplist to be booted off the show – from the viewers’ opinions at least. But according to the producer of the show “nothing has been decided yet.” However, others who are related to the show are pretty certain that Yuri and Sunny will be leaving next month. Well what makes them think so?

Just like what ex-ChinChin radio DJ Taeyeon did last month, it would be SNSD’s hectic schedules that may cause a hindrance for Sunny and Yuri to participate in Invincible Youth’s full time episodes.

The reason for such prediction is because SNSD will be very active all over Asia in the next few months for their concert. Ever since their concert in Shanghai on April 17th, SNSD have been planning for future shows in Japan and because of this, each member’s activities will be limited.

A recent UFO reply from Sunny has also added to the possibility that the SNSD girls will be leaving the show. Was Sunny telling the fan to come fast because her birthday is fast approaching, or because she won’t be around the set for much longer?

The other common suggestion by netizens is that Hara and Hyuna will be the ones to leave Yuchiri due to their respective groups debuting in Japan.

Original story:
Source: Kim SangHo

Translation: DjAddick, silis7noy2@soompi

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