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Wonder Girls to Rescue Family Outing 2 from the Slump?

After one year and three months the Wonder Girls will be making their return to Korean variety, appearing in none other than SBS’s Family Outing 2. Will the wonder effect be able to save Family Outing from the downfall?

It has been revealed that Wonder Girls are scheduled to join the filming of Family Outing 2 on May 17th at dawn until the 18th, filming a total of one night and two days. This special episode will be an overnight school trip for the girls who didn’t get to experience proper school life and friends thanks to their career.

The second season of Family Outing was introduced in February with a high viewer rating of 16.5%, but after the first episode the show encountered never ending criticism and declining ratings.

With the addition of Super Junior’s Kim Heechul as a new family member and with Wonder Girls as a guest, producers are hoping to return to Family Outing’s glory days, turning things around immediately and easing the complaints and dissatisfaction from the viewers.

The special episode with Wonder Girls is set to air in early June. Wonder Girls will not only be making their return to their Korean fans to make up for their absence but will also be promoting their new album which will be released on May 15th in USA and May 16th in Korea. The title song from the new mini album will come out in three different languages and JYPE has said it will be the first time a song and music video will be sold in 3 languages at the same time.

This is definitely exciting news for all Wonder Girls fans who have been waiting to see the display of the girls’ adorable personalities on Korean variety shows once again. It will also be really interesting watching the interactions between the girls, 2PM’s Taecyeon and 2AM’s Jokwon who are also part of JYPE, and of course, the boy who declared his love for Sohee many times during the Tell Me days, Kim Heechul.

Do you guys think the girls will be able to save Family Outing? Maybe just for this episode…

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