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As the news broke that 1-2 members would be leaving Invincible Youth earlier this week, there were mounting speculation among fans that SNSD’s Yuri, Sunny and Hyuna from 4minute were the likely ones to be leaving the show.

And it looks like they were right.

A production staff confirmed the news on the 14th, “Yuri and Sunny will be leaving the show in June. The reasons being that they are entering the Japanese market and the need to also prepare for their Asia concert tour.”

He added, “We are still currently auditioning among girl group members to take over their spots in the show.” As for the newest speculation among fans that 4minute’s Hyuna would be leaving too, he said, “There’s no truth in that.”

In a separate news report, PD Kim Ho Sang refused to acknowledge the claims made by the staff and said nothing was confirmed as yet.

They only recently celebrated Kim Tae Woo’s birthday. So sad it’s breaking up.

UPDATES: Hyunah leaving the cast too?

However, it looks like the fans got it right as PD Kim finally couldn’t keep it under wraps anymore as he revealed officially on the evening of May 14th that Yuri, Sunny and Hyuna will indeed be leaving Invincible Youth soon.

PD Kim expressed, “Yuri, Sunny and Hyuna will be leaving the show due to their upcoming overseas activities. Their final recording will take place next week on the 19th and the broadcast date will be in early June.”

He added, “Auditions are currently still ongoing among girl group members and we didn’t want to reveal this (departure) before it was confirmed.

But there was too much speculation going around so we had to release this news first. We will inform once we confirm the new girls.” Fans are already speculating that f(x) might be contributing 1 – 2 members as replacements for their unnies.

With 3 members out, we are now left with Narsha, Hyomin, Hara, Sunhwa from the original G7 and the MC team of Commissioner Noh, Kim Shin Young and Kim Tae Woo. The show’s concept will remain but the dynamics will no doubt be affected.

UPDATES: SM Spreads Hope Amongst Invincible Youth Fans

Whilst rumors were laid to rest after official confirmation by the KBS Invincible Youth team that SNSD’s Sunny, Yuri and 4minute’s HyunA would be leaving the show, SM Entertainment has announced that that is not the case.

A representative of SNSD’s company, SM Entertainment, has commented, “We haven’t heard a definite answer from their production staff on Sunny and Yuri’s resignation and involvement on Invincible Youth,” confirming that their exit from the show is currently in limbo.

The staff from Invincible Youth gave similar answers, saying, “We can’t give a definite answer on Sunny and Yuri’s involvement, nor can we do that for any other current member of Invincible Youth. It may be our call, but we haven’t made a decision as of yet.”

The Invincible Youth staff had mentioned earlier that, ”We’re currently trying to add one or two new members to the show in order to give it a new feel from the current format of Invincible Youth. We are trying to change the format, but we’re not creating a Season 2. While maintaining the current concept, we’ll reorganize the show by adding new members.”

Although both SM and the production crew denied it, there’s a very high chance of Sunny, Yuri, and HyunA leaving the show in order to promote their own respective groups throughout Asia.

UPDATES: 'Invincible Youth' Without Power Sunny and President Kwon, Changes in its Character Settings?

The controversy of Girls' Generation's Sunny and Yuri's rumor about resigning has been verified from its program's staffs. Attention is being developed regarding the future results of them dropping out.

A staff from "Invincible Youth' said in the phone call with TV Report on 14th, stated "Sunny and Yuri will be resigning from it due to their preparation for Japan promotion and concert."

And the director of the show, Kim Ho Sang PD said "We're currently doing audition for the selection of new member, and if we decide the new member for our show, we will reveal who it is on early next month." "The new member can be a character with different characteristics."This resignation of Sunny and Yuri, is the second resignation of members of Invincible Youth. The very first resignation was from

Nam Hee Suk, who was the main MC for the show and decided to leave during the end of last year.

After the dropout of Nam Hee Suk, Invincible Youth changed its program's format from games between the members, to farming missions or often recording from another site that is outside the Idol Village. Recently, they are progressing with planting

Mugoonghwa flowers, potatoes, and other farming projects due to facing busy farming season. Because of this, their program's intention is changing into more of experiencing farming village rather then entertainment purposes.

Due to Sunny and Yuri's resignation, changes in character settings will be inevitable. Sunny and Yuri, acknowledged as 'Chicken

Catching Soonkyu-Gag-dol-Power Sunny', -Nation's daughter-in-law-President Kwon', were members of G7 who can perfectly take their role.

Especially because of Sunny's resignation, it is inevitable for a character change of T-ARA's Hyomin, who was setted up as 'Sunny's Folding Screen'.

Many viewers have complained after the news of Sunny and Yuri's resignation; expressing their sadness.One user of an internet community said " I've been watching Invincible because of Sunny, who gave us big laughters with Kim ShinYoung, and Yuri, who setted up a love line with Gom Taewoo.

This is depressing.Another user has stated "I wish the new girl group member will support the already existing characters like Adult-Dol Narsha, and White Paper Sunhwa, and to have her original character as well."

UPDATES: f(x) most likely to fill in three empty spots on Invincible youth?

SNSD member’s Sunny, Yuri and 4minute member Hyunah will be leaving G7 in show “Invincible Youth”.
Yuri, Sunny and Hyuna will be filming their last shoot for Invincible Youth on May 19. Each member are busy with their girl group activities. SNSD are going to have their oversea’s concerts in the following months, 4minute is busy with their Japanese debut and Korean promotions for their new album.

Accordingly, Producers of the show are already urgently recruiting new members to fill in the 3 spots on G7. They are targeting girl group members who has the commitment for the show.

There are a lot of speculations and interest that f(x) would most likely move in as the new members. f(x) is currently running a reality show and so far they have good feedbacks from viewers and fans. They have debuted in the music industry fall last year and they are doing well with their album promotions.

But the producers for Invincible youth said that “Auditions are still in progress” and they are doing this in absolute secrecy. SM Entertainment said that f(x) members are being considered as candidates as new members for the show.

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