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[100620] Fan Account : Visit to Taeyeon's Parents' Spectacles Shop

A fan went to visit Taeyeon's Parents' Spectacles Shop, Eyebis on June 20. (Picture of the Shop, *But this was taken long time ago. Not from this Account.)

Account: It's a little lousy but I took my fan art of the girls (with Taeyeon in the middle). When Taeyeon's Mom saw it, she didn't look for Taeyeon first but she started from the left and noted each member. (like this is who and who, in a tender voice.) Pointing at Seohyun, she said, " Aigoo, so cute. ke keke ^^." Thanks Taeyeon's Mom for recognizing each of the members.

Being a fan of a idol (group) at this age, it's the first time for me. And sheepishly, I told Taeyeon's mom that Taeyeon and SNSD are such fascinating people to me. And she smiled and said that the Girls are amused that they are being liked so much and wonder what people see in them.

Taeyeon's Mom said that the Girls still don't completely understand this... So Taeyeon's Mom often tell Taeyeon about the fans that visited and what kind of fans are there. Taeyeon's mom said that Taeyeon is fascinated and she loves to hear about them.

While we were talking, she received a call from the Girls (SNSD). She seemed so much happy to hear the other end so I thought it was Taeyeon. But, I heard her saying, "Oh, Yuri! I enjoyed watching the show on Saturday. Seohyunie too~ Say hello to Taeyeon for me! And Don't skip your meals! Stay healthy!" So it was the other members who called..

Taeyeon's Mom says that the Girls call her regularly (And of course, She talks with Taeyeon daily) and they are always affable, addressing her as 'Mom' or 'Mother'.

I was touched to hear that kekeke ^^

During Taeyeon's vacation trip, the other members kept on calling Taeyeon non-stop. (So popular kekeke). Taeyeon's Mom asked Taeyeon, "Why are you missing each other already when you Girls will be living together in the dorm when back?" And Taeyeon replied, "Well yeah, he he.."

Last night, Taeyeon called her Mom to ask for the steps to cook some Dish.. A while later, Taeyeon called her mom again and she said that the members are hungry because she messed up the dish. The Girls went out to eat then. keke

I asked Taeyeon's mom about the Japan plans carefully. She said that the girls are excited that it's a new challenge for them and at the same time they are nervous. Taeyeon's mom didn't know how long they'll stay in Japan. While I told her that the girls are having so much love in Korea, SM Entertainment won't let them stay in Japan too long. Then, Taeyeon's mom smiled mysteriously and say that Taeyeon has been studying Japanese for a while in every chance she got. Can we see Taeyeon do some gags in Japanese?? kekeke

It might be a trivial thing but whenever Taeyeon's mom was mentioning the Girls she would call them "children", "woori children". I felt so good by hearing that.

In conclusion, Taeyeon's mom is the one who brought up Taeyeon.

And, from today's visit, I can understand where Taeyeon's character comes from.

Credits: Fan who wrote this.
News Credits: SNSD -Girls Generation-

Translated: silis
Edited: Admin

Admin :Taeyeon's mom treat the other members as her own Daughters ^^

Lovely ^^

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