Saturday, June 19

100620 Inkigayo Performers List!

Performance list for today's Inkigayo. Show starts around 15:30 KST

# Hot debut #
Orange Caramel “Magic Girl / 마법소녀”
# Comeback Special #
D-NA “Stumble x2 / 비틀비틀”

# TAKE 7 #
CNBLUE  “Love”
4minute “Huh”
Davichi “Time Please Stop / 시간아 멈춰라”
f(x) “Nu 예삐오”

# Hot Music #
Super Junior “Bonamana / 미인아”
Infinite “Come Back Again / 다시 돌아와”
Sistar “Push Push”
Koyote “Return”
8eight “End Is Coming / 이별이 온다”
Lyn “Honey Baby Love / 자기야, 여보야, 사랑아”
Soya N Sun “Smiling Goodbye / 웃으며 안녕”
Wink “Fantastic! / 얼쑤”
December “Tears of Heaven / 별이 될게”
Geum OonDong “간다 Go”

# Fresh Music #
Gummy “Because of you”
SookHee feat. After school’s GaHee “One love”
HwaYoBi “Bye Bye Bye”
Code-V “Addiction / 중독”
NS YoonJi “Don’t Go Back”
Green Sports Song – T-ara

Show starts around 15:30 KST

Performers List Credits to!

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