Friday, June 25

Music Core lineup for 100626

Tiffany is coming back to music core today to MC with Yuri! Check out the exclusive lineup for music core here! Stream will start around 1600kst. Tune in!

♬ Comeback stage

Seo In Young / 서인영『Written as Love Sung as Pain / 사랑이라 쓰고 아픔이라 부른다』

♬ SUMMER Special stage


Sistar『Push Push』

♬ Hot stage

f(x)『NU 예삐오(NU ABO)』


IU and 2AM’s SeulOng『Nagging / 잔소리』

Orange Caramel『Magic Girl / 마법 소녀』


♬ sound-HOLIC

D-NA『Stumble Stumble비틀비틀』

Seo YoungEun ft. Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yeob『What a Spiteful Word / 이 거지같은 말』

NS YoonJi『Don’t go back』

Infinite『Come Back Again / 다시 돌아와』


♬ Love is…

Flower『I Remember… I Love You… / 기억해…사랑해…』

SookHee / 숙희(feat.Jewelry’s Ha JooYeon)『One Love』

♬ New Song

T-ara’s Park SoYeon『What Should We Finish / 뭐라고 끝낼까』

Electro Boyz『Incoming Phone Call / 전화가 오네』

X-Cross『My Luv』

Rina『Morning Coffee』

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