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Ever bump into someone that you mistakenly took as SNSD members? Well here are some SNSD-look alike! Be our judge!

Taeyeon's Lookalike: Hani, the sweet cousin

Wow, did Taeyeon has a twin sister? Her name is "Hani" a 19 year old,and currently attending at Seoul University!

Recently through the ChinChin website, DJ Taeng shared some pictures of her cousin, to whom she sent a matching bear for her birthday. She added the statement, “Look, I bought my cousin a big teddy just like mine…It’s her birthday so I gave it as a gift…I love my cousin…Look how sweet she is with the big teddy bear, it’s a sign of our sweet love as cousins."

Jessica's Lookalike: T-ara Hyomin and ???

Netizens exposed more of T-ara HyoMin‘s pre-debut photos and found too many similarities between this sweet face and member Jessica of So Nyeo Shi Dae with the same smile, same aura, same hairstyles.

On March 11th’s episode of SBS Star King, a surprise guest made an appearance on a special corner titled Find The Real Beauty. If you guys remember, this corner in the past featured a Kang Dong Won look-a-like before. Yet again, another look-a-like was featured, and this time it was someone who looked like SNSD’s Jessica!

This girl, claiming to be a model, had long wavy hair and skinny legs. When she claimed that she was from San Francisco, like Jessica, Jessica seemed to have figured out who she really was.

She also had a dance battle against Jessica to SNSD’s song, Oh!.

As seen from the hint, the girl blurts out a manly “ughh” as she flinches from Kang Ho Dong’s kick. If you still have not found out yet, she is not a girl, but Kevin of U-Kiss!

Check out Kevin dancing to U-Kiss’ ManManHaNi as he has his wig pulled out.

Sunny Lookalike: Sohee and Sunny's sister?

Kim Jin Hee, a student at DongDuk Women's University, made her appearance on the 16th through variety show KBS 2TV Challenge! Golden Ladder. The so-called look-a-like, given the nickname "DongDuk Women's University's Queen of Queen" and "DongDuk Women's University's Sohee", captured the attention of many viewers with her appearance on the show.

SNSD’s aegyo queen Sunny has a celebrity look-a-like? Supposedly, yes.

Do you guys remember when someone edited 2PM’s Taecyeon’s face into the faces of SNSD members?

Well, the same thing has happened but this time around with ZE:A’s Jung Heechul.

SBS E!TV Geo Sung Show morphed his face with the faces of SNSD members and the one of his face morphed with Sunny was the most popular.

They do look very alike, right? I’m not sure if that’s a compliment for either of them. I mean, who wants to look like someone of the other sex when they’re trying not to?

Yuri's Lookalike: Chuno runaway bride

"Is that Yuri?" That question floated in the back of my mind for 5 seconds as I watched the runaway bride of Chuno, Un Nyun (acted by Lee Da Hae). In some scenes, the resemblances are uncanny.

Seohyun's Look-a-like: Eun So

So just who is this look alike? Her name is Sohn Eun Seo and she is an actress / model. In case you don’t recognize her (not the Seohyun part of her, the Sohn Eun Seo part of her), she was cast in Rockman.EXE and Drama City GOD.


Author Comment: And for all the other SNSD which did not get listed above, check out the video. Apparently, Tiffany does not have a look-a-like. Do comment if you find someone who looked like Tiff!

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