Thursday, June 17

SNSD’s Tiffany to skip Music Core this week

Yesterday, we revealed that SNSD’s Tiffany was having issues with her throat, leaving her Music Core MC return with fellow member, Yuri in jeopardy this weekend.

Tiffany’s vocal cord nodule had worsened in recent times and she is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital. In view of that, Music Core officials have decided to delay Tiffany’s return on the show this Saturday.

An official expressed, “With Tiffany’s throat condition, we have decided to postpone her return for a week. She will not MC the show on June 19th but Yuri will return.”

Music Core had been hosted by guest MCs for the past three weeks after Tiffany and Yuri were given a temporary break. There were no indication from officials yet on whether Yuri will go it alone this Saturday or get a partner.

Info: CNBlue's Yonghwa posted on CNBLUE's minihompy that he will MC Music Core this week.

Source: Allkpop


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