Thursday, June 3

Taeyeon enjoyed her trip in Singapore

Taeyeon said she have enjoyed her trip to Singapore and had a great time at the Universal Studio!

Following the Singapore Flyers incident, it was uncertain how Taeyeon has been taking her Singapore experiences. However, a korean sone (with connection to Taeyeon) assured  us that Taeyeon is happy with her stay in Singapore. Below is a fan account "Quoted from Twitter user @bossa747"

TO Singapore Sones:

I talked to a fellow K-sone who has connection with Taeyeon. He says Taeyeon wasn’t really mad at some SG Sones who stalked her and her family. However Taeyeon said she was sorry to her family for the trouble.

Also, Taeyeon didn’t depart from SG earlier because of SG Sones. Her departure was just as planned.

Actually she said she enjoyed herself in Singapore and loved Universal Studios and all that!

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I'm relieved that she has enjoyed the trip in Singapore and not let the incident at the flyers dampen her stay. However, I hope this incident also serves as a lesson learnt for all K-sones in the future.

Credits: snsdsingapore

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