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Which Girl Group is the Most Popular Amongst Celebs in the Army?

Being enlisted in the military can get lonely don’t you think?

Yes of course, serving the country makes you feel honored but being obliged to train in the camp for 2 years is a long time, but well maybe it’s worth it! For 2 years, your life is devoted to extensive training – the typical daily routine. Leave and passes are limited and strictly controlled; hence the soldiers spend their free time watching TV and continuously adore their favorite girl groups.

Any male who experienced the life in the army will agree on how much comfort they gained from girl groups. Male celebrities discharged from the army are no exception.

Korean balladeer Sung SinKyung stated that “girl groups mean a lot in the army life. Girl groups become a creed of some kind.” SinKyung who was discharged on the 17th stated that SNSD firmly holds the number one spot in the army.

I bet majority of the male celebs who were discharged from the army think so too. Even Kim TaeWoo admits that his heart beats for the girls of SNSD, specifically Kwon Yuri. After Kim TaeWoo revealed that Yuri is his ideal type, a series of scandals and rumours arose; both of them even appeared on KBS’ variety show Invincible Youth together.

The 30 yr old actor JaeHee, who was discharged on the 18th, also chose SNSD as his favorite girl group and garnered attention for showing the choreography of SNSD’s ‘Gee’. Other entertainers such as HaHa, Noh YooMin and Chun JungMyung who began their activities soon after they were discharged, all revealed that SNSD was their favorite girl group while serving in the army.

HaHa stated that he “only watched SNSD while I was in the army. I comforted myself by watching SNSD, replaying SNSD, memorizing their lyrics, and copying their dances. Because SNSD sang ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, I made lots of wishes, but they didn’t grant them”

Noh YooMin revealed a story about hurting his girlfriend’s feelings when he said, “It would be nice if SNSD visited me.” Chun JungMyung, who was discharged on the same day as Noh YooMin also revealed that he is a fan of After School but SNSD comes first. Former H.O.T member, KangTa, also stated that SNSD is the source of his energy. He added, “the troops went crazy when SNSD visited him.”

Well, it looks like the soldiers’ bulletproof vest isn’t well armored at all. The charisma of SNSD has shot through the hearts of the soldiers making them vulnerable. Apart from SNSD, male celebs have also chosen Wonder Girls, T-ara and f(x).

Actor-model Gong Yoo stated, “While I was a radio DJ, I got to meet lots of girl groups. I want to thank the Wonder Girls for coming out despite their tiring schedule. I hope they succeed a lot more.” Love letter actor Jo HyunJae, who was discharged on the 19th, is another fan of the Wonder Girls. He confessed, “I told my manager to send me a signed album from the Wonder Girls.”

SechsKies member Kim JaeDuk expressed that SNSD and KARA are the most popular groups, but he prefers T-ara and f(x).

To sum it all up, girl groups may have definitely affected the lifes of each single person in the military, even celebs admit it without any regret. Girl groups will always hold a special place in a soldier’s heart.



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