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Why did T-ara’s So Yeon withdraw from SNSD?

On a recent tvN talk show Taxi, T-ara’s So Yeon revealed the reason why she withdrew from SNSD / Girls’ Generation in the past.

The reason was because she felt that her determination and drive was insufficient / lacking.

She admitted, “I’ve always leaned towards this career ever since I was young. I’ve been a child actress, and while I was training under a large company to debut in an idol group I became a T-ara member.”
During her pre-debut years, she trained under SM Entertainment as a SNSD trainee and she confessed, “During that time, I felt that my determination level was low. I got a hold of this chance to become a celebrity too easily that I never got my mind ready for it. Hence, the withdrawal.”

Adding on, “It not only applied to me, but other members (SNSD) also had previous experiences of either already having been on TV or spending trainee years under a different company. Although T-ara was made into an official group within a month span, I think this is why others have told us that we seem like a non-rookie group,” she confidently stated.

Meanwhile, on Taxi, the T-ara members shared other juicy facts, such as ‘which member changed the most after debut’ and ‘which member was prettier during their pre-debut years than now.’

Credits: allkpop

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