Wednesday, June 23

Young Tak Gu, Oh JaeMu likes SNSD's YoonA

On the 22nd Afternoon at Seoul YeoYiDo KBS annex where the KBS 2TV reporter's conference was held for the drama 'Baker King' and the child actor Oh JaeMu revealed an actor who debuted through child acting that he admired.

"I want to be like Yoo SeungHo who started acting at a young age" said Oh JaeMu "It was fun watching the actors on television so I decided to become an actor" he stated.

Also, the celebrity he likes he stated "I like SNSD's YoonA" and showed a happy 13 year old smile.

Oh JaeMu who took the role of the childhood of the main character (TakGu) which made the viewers laugh and cry.

[티브이데일리=이경호 기자사진제공=줌]

Translation: Admin HankiiE
Credits: SNSD -Girls Generation-

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