Thursday, July 1

Ahn JaeWook, "I can get immediate contact with SNSD's SooYoung"

Ahn JaeWook will be appearing as a guest on 'Delicious Invitation' which is due to be aired on the 2nd of July. He was asked "Do you have an SNSD member you can contact immediately?" He attempted to call SNSD's Sooyoung which succeeded.

MC Shin DongYeop was suspicious of her voice and asked "Is that really SooYoung?" It was proven that it was SooYoung by her singing.

SooYoung also stated that Ahn JaeWook performed together with her elder sister.

Ahn JaeWook shows his friendship with SNSD's SooYoung and that the friendship ignores the gender and age difference.

Cr: Arts News
Translation: Admin HankiiE
Taken From: SNSD -Girls Generation-

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