Monday, June 21

Interview with Composer, Hitchhiker(Jinu) by MelOn

Some of the Songs Composed by him:

Brown Eyed Girls' Abracadabra

Girls' Generation's Show! Show! Show!

f(x)'s Ice Cream

Gil Hak Mi's Moving On

Only SNSD Parts

Question: The girl group that you felt was the most compatible working with together is? (Personality, tastes, ideals)

Hitchhiker(Jinu):SNSD. Because of the variety of voices, you can demonstrate many voice colors in a song. This applies to other artists too but during the recordings, the atmosphere is so convivial. hehe ㅎㅎ

Question: Tell me a behind scenes story

Hitchhiker(Jinu): SNSD's Show Show Show took like 3 months just to record the song. Members had so many schedules so only one or two could record each week. And during times when members catch colds or having bad throat conditions would result in many re-recordings. But because of that, I was able to see them often hehehe ㅎㅎㅎ

Source: MelOn


Credits: silis7noy2, SNSD -Girls Generation-

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