Tuesday, April 27

500,000 "Ninja Assassin" DVDs Sold Within Four Weeks

Korean superstar Rain has seen his first leading role hit new heights, his recent Hollywood movie "Nija Assassin" has recently been reported as the 10th most rented DVD in the US according to American DVD sales and rentals chart Rentrak.

"Ninja Assassin" was released to theatres in November 2009 and grossed $38 million in ticket sales alone, add to that the recent statistics of $10 million in DVD sales has helped to raise Rains reputation as a foreign actor in the US. According to stats released bu a US film information site, the total income achieve by the film project is close to $48 million dollars with $40 million being initially invested in the project. Global box office sales was close to $61 million dollars resulting in a total roughly $90 million dollars.

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