Thursday, April 29

After 5 Years, YUKI Will Be Taking Part in Summer Festival Again!

Released on March 10th, YUKI's original album "Ureshikutte Dakiauyo" has made it to the top position in the ORICON weekly album ranking. During the JUDY AND MARY time, she had had 3 records topping the ranking and after 9 years it is herself again. During a release interview the singer said: "I am completely enjoying the feeling of "living", and I think it is the only feeling I can take in like that." About the concept of this new original album, she added: "I want people, who listen to this album, to just feel very happy about this."

It has also been learned that she will be challenging the [ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2010], which is the first festival for YUKI since 2005. Fans can be certain, that they will be able to see a different YUKI from the one that will be standing on the stages for her hall tour starting in July. Since YUKI will only standing on the festival stage on August 8th, fans should hurry to reserve their tickets.


Kokuei Hitachi Kaihin Kouen (Ibaraki)

8/6 (Fri), 7 (Sat), 8 (Sun)

*YUKI will be performing on August 8th (Sun)

OPEN 8:00 START 10:30 END 20:30 (Schedule according to the days)

*Performances will he held during rain as well (In case the weather is getting too stormy, the shows will be stopped.)

[Information] ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL Agency

0180-993-611 (24 automatic answering machine、No PHS support)


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