Thursday, April 29

SNSD’s Jessica will be a regular on Happy Birthday

SNSD’s blondie Jessica has been chosen to become a permanent guest on KBS2TV’s Happy Birthday.

This will definitely be interesting since she’s not known to be the talker of the group on variety shows.

Happy Birthday’s PD Kim said, “Jessica has been chosen as a permanent guest. It’ll be interesting to hear a young person’s opinion on child birth and raising a kid.”

As you may have guessed already, the show is about pregnancy and the process of having a baby. They had their pilot episode in March and they received good reviews. It’s coming back for a season and even they decided to use the idol power.

The MC’s are Lee Kyung Kyu, Lee Soo Geun, Kim Sung Eun and Kim Ji Ho. The first episode will feature a woman giving birth to triplets.

Jessica really likes to experiment with herself. Let’s wish her luck!

The episode airs on May 10th.

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