Wednesday, April 28

Horikita Maki in Byakuyakou!

Early last month, it was learned that Keigo Higashino’s novel “Byakuyakou” is getting a movie adaptation. It is now known that actress Maki Horikita (21) will be taking on the lead female role.

“Byakuyakou” was previously adapted as a drama series in 2006, starring Haruka Ayase (25) and Takayuki Yamada (26). The suspenseful story follows the lives of a young man and woman who cause suffering to those around them in order to cover up the mutual murders of their parents when they were younger.

Although the drama series emphasized the love story between the two main characters, Yukiho and Ryoji, the movie will reportedly be a true suspense story centered around Yukiho (Horikita). This will be Horikita’s first time playing an “evil” character, a departure from her typically pure image.

Here is the trailer for Byakuyakou!

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