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Tohoshinki's YUCHUN's First Main Role Supported by JUNSU's Theme Song!

The new dorama "Beautiful Love- Kimi ga ireba-" of Tohoshinki's YUCHUN will be distributed via online distribution site BeeTV. It is the first time for the young artist to star in the main role of a Japanese dorama and on top of that, Tohoshinki member JUNSU will provide the theme song for the series - however, under the name of XIAH junsu, who will release is solo debut single on May 26th.

"Beautiful Love - Kimi ga ireba -" is the story about "Yonsu" - the son of a Korean Saibatsu Family and "Hinata" - an ambitious magazine author, yearning to become a novelist, in a touching Cinderella-Story. On his debut YUCHUN admitted: "I was honestly very unsure about the role and me playing it, especially with the Japanese language, too." About the end of the production he said: "I was really moved! I would really like to try acting in the future. However, I still would like to sing as well." With all of this he seems to have gained some confidence as well.

YUCHUN also said: "The story between Yonsu and Hinata is really moving and with XIAH junsu providing the theme song for it, "Kimi ga ireba -Beautiful Love-", this is certainly something to get excited about. Please check it out"! "

The start of the online distribution will be the 4th of July, which is incidentally YUCHUN's 24th birthday as well!

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