Thursday, May 6

35,000 Fans and 500 Friends and Relatives Gathering at hide's Memorial Ceremony.

As X JAPAN's guitarist hide had passed away suddenly in 1998, his 13th Memorial cervise has been held on May 2nd at the Tsukiji Hongan Temple. 35,000 fans had been laying down flowers, and 500 friends, band members and relatives had been taking part in this event, which exceeded 50,000,000 in production costs.

Around the altar of the venue, yellow wings had been put up for decoration, meaning to symbolize "the continuous flapping of wings towards the future from there on". Hide's younger brother conveyed, that we would like to continue to telling the story of his brother and send it out into the world.

The Buddhist ceremony had been held with all the members of X JAPAN except for TOSHI who had been busy recording in Los Angeles. After the ceremony, YOSHIKI attended a press conference to which he announced that in the beginning of August, X JAPAN will be holding an open air performance at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama. "I have reported before, that X will be taking on their activities again. Hide is our comrade and we will be friends eternally.", he said.

The Nissan Stadium is large enough to fit in 70,000 people - one of the biggest stadiums in Japan and it will mean a new record for the group. "I really wanted to do this as an open air. We have done open air events in the past, therefore we would like to do this with the meaning of going back to our basics.", YOSHIKI declared enthusiastically.

Tell us how you feel about hide and the revival of X JAPAN!

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