Thursday, May 6

Kim Heechul's Explosive Comment: "I'm 3rd Closest with Yoona in SNSD after Jessica and Sunny!"

Kim Heechul showed off his close relationship with the girl group, SNSD, on air, May 2nd.
On the May 2nd episode of SBS' "Family Outing Season2", Kim Heechul made an appearance on the show as Yoona's friend and displayed a variety of comical remarks.

The members of Family Outing cheered enthusiastically when Heechul arrived at the rice paddy field.

He said, "I don't usually talk on the phone with Yoona. I'm not even close with her, but I came," making Yoona sad.

Heechul also continued and confessed, "Out of SNSD, I'm 3rd closest with Yoona. I'm closer with Jessica and Sunny."

On another note, other than Kim Heechul, the other members of Family Outing invited their friends, SNSD's Tiffany, 2PM's Junho, and actor Kim Gwangkyu.

Source: Newsen


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