Friday, May 28

Apple Girl, Kim Yeo Hee a growing global sensation?

A fast glowing pop sensation on youtube, Kim Yeo Hee has made a name for herself as the Apple Girl, by uploading several videos showcasing her vocal talents on youtube!

"Hey check it out! It's Apple girl. What do you think?" Another one of those Youtube idol wannabe, perhaps? With much intrigue, I went on to click on the youtube link. A cute girl peered back at me, and went on to demonstrate her unqiue playing style with the Apple Ipod.

Apple Girl playing with the Ipod Touch and Singing 

She then went on to perform "Irreplaceable by Beyonce" in the later part of the video, and I thought to myself, "She deserve a record with that voice". Indeed, she went on to sign a contract with Dream High Entertainment soon after and recently released her EP titled My Music. Media officers are calling her success "the Apple Syndrome" and is on a global scale level.

Applegirl(kim yeo hee) twitter showcase #1

Besides the growing interest from the other parts of the world, several big-named stars have also showed their interest in the "Apple Syndrome". Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher tweeted a video of the Apple Girl and blogger / socialite Perez Hilton has also expressed his interest in one of her Lady Gaga cover videos.

I'm excited to know what the "Apple girl" will showcase next. There is also some recent talks about Kim Yeo Hee and Lady Gaga collaborating as models for the iphone in United Kingdom. Well, stay tune on Soshiworld as we bring to you more juicy news about the "Apple Syndrome!"


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