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Happy 21st Birthday, Yoona!

May 30th is a special day marked on every SONE's calendar because on this day 20 years ago, we were given Im Yoona.

Bringing us the best ssanti dances, flounder faces and alligator laughs, our lives wouldn't be complete without this dork. A Queen of many things - dramas, CFs, our hearts - SNSD wouldn't be the SNSD we know without her.

As we edge closer to SNSD's 3rd anniversary, let's celebrate the 21st birthday of our Deer Yoona for being an important pillar of strength in the group we've come to love so dearly the last few years.

21 wishes for Yoona, from SONEs:

1. A year older but continue to be who you are. Stay true to yourself and hope we to always see Im Choding.
2. Take care of yourself. You might be Him Yoona but you're not invincible. Get lots of Ma from your roommate Yuri when she's not looking.
3. Never get real bangs, because we've fallen too much in love with your clip-on bangs.
4. We never get tired when we see your fun side so continue to show us your stage presence and charisma both on stage and off stage.
5. Yoona! You're still a sonyuh so you need to kick your habit about visiting the guys' restrooms.
6. Study well in university. It's hard to juggle SNSD activities and your studies, but your unnies and dongsaengs are working hard with you too.
7. When you start your activities in Japan, we hope you get to meet Kimura Takuya.
8. Keep improving your vocal abilities. You've come a very long way since debut and you're becoming the singer you've always wanted to be.
9. Continue blessing us with your alligator laugh and radiance.
10. Salty kimbap is bad for health. Stop making them!
11. Be a real lifeguard. Even if that means all YoonAddicts will probably die from your overwhelming sexiness than drowning.
12. Continue to grow in confidence and show us the best of Im Yoona. Keep believing because we believe in you.
13. Dear Yoongphrodite, we wish for you to always be happy and stay the prettiest deer, alligator, flounder and choding!
14. Don’t keep your unnies up all night talking to them because they need sleep too...
15. Never stop smiling because your bright smile is what gets us through our day.
16. Keep making us proud with whatever you do because it is very motivational to us.
17. Stay the way you are =) Being byun isn't a crime~
18. With the miraculous ability that doesn't make your face bloat in the morning, stuff yourself with as much Samyang ramyun as you can!
19. 30 May is SONEs' Thanksgiving day too! Thank you for being born. Now continue living healthily, happily, and beautifully.
20. Wishing you and the girls a successful 2010 whether it be group or solo activities. Continue to put your heart in everything you do and strive for those goals you want to reach.
21. Most importantly, stay healthy because we always want to see you happy and that glowing face of yours.

21 wishes for 21 amazing years of our doe-eyed angel, all put together with the help of a few YoonAddicts and SONEs alike on Soshified.

What's your wish for Yoona?

Just as we know how much you love us all, we love you too.

Here's a video to for us to remember Yoona and celebrate her birthday enjoy =D

credits: YoonA's Birthday Message Board @ Soshified Forums
Credits: galio6th 

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